Velazquez Joins LFA Full Time

New Engineer Joins Water Resource Department

Ruben Velazquez, EI, a fall 2023 civil engineering graduate of Purdue University-Fort Wayne, has joined LFA’s ranks in the Water Resources Department after completing two full summers as an intern here.

“The internships were helpful to me, starting my sophomore summer, to learn how a civil engineering works in the office,” he said. “Learning civil engineering in school is one thing but LFA integrated what I was learning in class with the real world.”

Velazquez said during his first LFA internship he was able to do “A little bit of everything,” but by the second summer he decided to narrow his focus to water resources.

“I’ve always been curious about how we have these pipe networks underground and how water moves. We don’t always get to see how it moves and how it all works. It’s pretty interesting,” he said.

Now as a full-time engineer, Velazquez studied for and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam while employed at LFA.

He said he’s sure he made the right choice signing on with LFA and is already working on water main layouts, future sewer service needs, and grading for site design.

“People here are very helpful. I’ve never been afraid to ask a question,” he said, noting that upper management specifically have been supportive of his professional goals.

He said he also enjoys that some of the work he’s doing now is a continuation of big projects he was allowed to touch as early as his first internship. “I’ve been thrown into a lot of projects right away and some projects from last summer I can now work on different aspects. Some things are coming full circle and that’s one of the things about civil engineering I really like: You get to see the whole process,” he said.

Velazquez makes his home in South Bend, where he grew up. In his spare time he loves golf, lifting weights, trying new foods and listening to his vinyl record collection. Just ask him about Frank Sinatra!

We’re delighted to have you here full time, Ruben!