Water Department Takes on New Engineer

Buzluk Decides on LFA, Ready to Start Career

LFA welcomes Selami Buzluk to the Water Department part time as he finishes up his Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He will graduate this summer and join LFA full time, a flexibility he appreciated in making his decision where to land after graduation.

Buzluk, who was valedictorian of his college class at Gazi University in Turkey, where he earned his bachelors of science in civil engineering, has just moved to South Bend with his wife of two years, Lutfiye, and 10-month-old daughter, Anna. He said when he came to South Bend to interview with LFA, it was a bright and sunny winter day, everyone at LFA was warm, welcoming and interested in who he was as a person and it just felt right. He said his wife currently stays at home with the baby, but also has her degree in accounting from Turkey.

A fan of mystery novels, Buzluk especially loves Sherlock Holmes and finds a relationship between engineering and detective novels.

“I love calculus. I love math and I love being able to solve issues. Engineering is kind of like solving problems like Sherlock Holmes does,” he said. He chose water engineering because in college he had the opportunity to work on dams, bridge design, flood mapping and modeling and, specifically, he found joy in open channel engineering.

In his spare time, in addition to reading and computer games, he enjoys basketball and volleyball and played soccer for his college club team.

Welcome to the team, Selami and family!

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