Summer Inter Joins Team

LFA Hires Emerson for Summer Internship Program


Summer Intern Dakota Emerson

Western Michigan University senior Dakota Emerson joins LFA as a summer intern. Emerson is a civil engineering major with a minor in mathematics scheduled to graduate spring 2023. To finish out his degree with an internship, he said he looked for an area firm that was mid-sized but did a lot of traffic work. He said he was impressed with LFA’s list of traffic projects on the website.

Having worked in the public sector in the past, Emerson said he was drawn to learn how a private engineering firm was run, “I want to get some experience in the private sector and see how it compares,” he said.

Emerson will live with family nearby this summer. In his spare time he enjoys tennis, exercise, bicycling and “anything outdoors.” He’s also an avid online gamer. He said he got interested in engineering while growing up with a father who did a lot of construction projects and always included him in the process.

Oh! And he loves math.

“I like that you can explain different phenomena using equations and be able to predict how things will turn out before you’ve even done them,” he said.


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