LFA Solves Parking Lot Drainage for City of South Bend

LFA Solves Parking Lot Drainage for City of South Bend


LFA responded to the City of South Bend’s request addressing drainage issues occurring within the Solid Waste parking lot in 2021. These services assessed the existing runoff patterns and drainage infrastructure within the South Bend Solid Waste CNG fueling and maintenance building parking lot. The 2021 assessment helped to identify areas with drainage issues where remedial solutions were needed including the CNG fueling area, washout area on the SW corner of the building and the trash can storage area in the NW corner. LFA identified and enumerated deficiencies found within the existing parking lot as well as isolated low spots creating ponding in parking and walking areas.

Three quotes were received with Reith-Riley Construction Co. the most responsive for improvements construction.

This project addressed the immediate needs around the CNG fueling stations on the south end of the maintenance building. Future work will focus on drainage improvements around other areas of the maintenance building. LFA designed and implemented drainage improvements for the lot including a drywell battery system with connected 36” perforated pipe for additional stormwater storage, parking lot grading and HMA replacement.

LFA performed the following steps in the process:

  • Limited topographic survey of parking lot to acquire storm sewer information and other below-grade features.
  • A drainage investigation identifying existing drainage patterns and deficiencies and, from there, develop remedial solutions with estimated costs.
  • Preliminary Plans: Develop drainage improvements, project limits, grading and restoration needed with costs.
  • Finalizing Quote Package Documents including plans and specifications.
  • Construction Phase support with the City of South Bend and Reith-Riley Construction Co.

The project was completed in Spring of 2022.


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Before – Standing water in walking path from CNG fueling parking lot to maintenance building
After – New drywell at south end of CNG fueling stations
After – New HMA around CNG fueling stations