Specialized Condition Evaluations Part of LFA Full-Service Menu

The French Paper Company and accompanying dam

Building strong collaborative relationships with our clients by providing high-quality engineering services is LFA’s mission. One of the ways we do that is by offering structural inspections usually as the initial phase of a project in addition to our other services.

LFA regularly performs engineering evaluations for INDOT and Local Public Agencies for the initial phase of a bridge rehabilitation or replacement project. Much of our staff have National Highway Institute (NHI) bridge inspection training and are qualified for INDOT inspections. We also serve several of our other long-standing private clients with these services in order to help them maintain their buildings and infrastructure.

For example, The French Paper Company in Niles, MI, hired LFA to do a structural

LaGrange County needed a structural evaluation for potential remodel of the courthouse office space

evaluation of its 150 year old building. Engineers evaluated the floor specifically, which led to repair recommendations and construction plans.

Additionally, in 2022, LFA performed engineering inspections for the LaGrange County Courthouse, another 150-year-old building. The County was considering remodeling the attic space and expanding elevator service to that level. LFA performed an initial assessment to gather data to perform load calculations and make recommendations. LFA engineers used the original, preserved architectural plans from 1878, when the building was constructed, to identify the historic wrought iron material properties and compare the intended use and the code required loading conditions.

Based on engagement with the client 50 years ago, LFA was retained to inspect yet another 150-year-old building, St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, also in Niles, MI, to ensure functionality and make recommendations for repairs.

LFA Drone Inspection at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Niles, MI

Church officials needed LFA to help determine the condition and soundness of the masonry, floor system and spire. By hiring LFA, the church received a condition evaluation with recommendations for repairing and maintaining the building for the future.

LFA was responsible for all facets in the design of South Bend’s East Race in the St. Joseph River starting in 1978. This structure is world-renowned for its functional beauty but also as an Olympic-grade kayaking run. LFA was responsible for the entire project, including large movable gates, which were due for inspection recently. Throughout its lifetime, our engineers have helped the City of South Bend maintain and renew this facility, providing repair recommendations along the way.

Mechanized gates at South Bend’s East Race

The 2022 inspection will give the city a complete look at concrete, sidewalks, drainage, mechanisms for the gates, head works, retaining walls, the concrete lining, the channel and more.

In all, this valuable service is one best left to the experts. LFA continues to be a partner with its clients, providing the best methods to maintain their infrastructure for years to come.