West 6th Road / North Lilac Road Over U.S. 31 – Marshall County, Indiana

Indiana Department of Transportation – LaPorte District

Cost: $4,100,000

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Category: Structural Engineering

The West 6th Road/North Lilac bridge over U.S. 31 eliminated an at-grade intersection enhancing safety in the corridor. West 6th Road to the west of U.S. 31 and North Lilac Road to the east of U.S. 31 were joined with a curving superelevated bridge that routed traffic to the west and north. Previously West 6th Road had a series of 90-degree curves. The project extended to the west and produced a smooth alignment that arced up and over U.S. 31. The elimination of the intersection impacted a residence just to the southeast of the project. An altogether new t-intersection was constructed northeast of the bridge. The intersection essentially provided one long driveway that circled back to the residence with an isolated cul-de-sac. Drainage improvements were made along U.S. 31 along with additional utility relocations.

This new 2-span bridge has a curved superstructure supported by chorded pre-stressed concrete bulb-tee beams. Mechanically Stabilized Earth abutments provide aesthetic value while increasing the cost-effectiveness of the project.


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