Indiana Department of Transportation – Central Office

Cost: $24,700,000

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Category: Transportation

The Indiana Department of Transportation selected Lawson-Fisher Associates to design the first constructed section of the Fort to Port projects that would construct a new divided highway from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Defiance, Ohio. The project included connection to the ODOT section at the state line with new divided highway road construction west 3.0 miles through S.R. 101. After construction, this project would provide the interim connection to existing U.S. 24 via S.R. 101 until subsequent phases 1, 2, and 3 between SR 101 and I-469 were designed and constructed. This required upgrades and additional intersection improvements that were coordinated for extent and scope with INDOT staff.

Responsive to INDOT’s needs, the project was divided into two projects designing an interchange to replace the previously proposed signalized, at-grade intersection at new U.S. 24 and S.R. 101. Both projects included 3 miles of mainline, 3 miles of ramps and other road improvements totaling 15 lane miles, three separate new signal installations, and six bridges.

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