Town Of Griffith Lift Station And Equalization Basin

Town of Griffith Indiana

Cost: $5,400,000

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Category: Construction Inspection, Structural Engineering, Water Resources

Lawson-Fisher Associates was chosen for this project which consisted of the design and construction of a new pumping station and equalization basin for the Town of Griffith. The design included a new pump station with a rated pumping capacity of 4.0 MGD and a 5.2 million gallon reinforced concrete equalization basin. Now, the equalization basin is used in the Town of Griffith during major storm events to store that sewage coming into the pump station which is in excess of what can be pumped to Hammond. The stored sewage is returned to the wet well for pumping to Hammond once the storm event is over and flows return to normal. The basin includes an automated flushing system to prevent solids from building up on the basin floor and thereby preventing an odor problem.


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