S.R. 23 At Koontz Lake Dam

Indiana Department of Transportation – LaPorte District and Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Cost: $4,650,000

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Category: Structural Engineering, Transportation, Water Resources

Lawson-Fisher Associates provided design and construction inspection services to both INDOT and IDNR for the S.R. 23 at Koontz Lake Dam and Road Reconstruction project. This unique project included realignment of S.R. 23 and construction of a new embankment (30,000 cubic yards) for the dam, roadway, and labyrinth spillway structure in combination with a two-span bridge. The project incorporated 3,400 cubic yards of concrete as part of the dam and bridge construction.

The project also involved relocation of an existing ditch and construction of a nearby 16-acre wetland mitigation site. Temporary and permanent erosion control devices were installed and maintained. Project improvements required the demolition of two houses and one business. Lawson-Fisher Associates provided complete construction inspection services in accordance with INDOT and IDNR criteria and played a key role in all on-going construction engineering decisions.

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