Olive Sample Overpass Reconstruction – Construction Inspection

St. Joseph County and City of South Bend

Cost: $10,000,000

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Category: Construction Inspection

Lawson-Fisher Associates was chosen for this multi-jurisdictional project which included bridge rehabilitation on both the Olive Street and Sample Street bridges over the Norfolk Southern and Grand Truck Western Railroad (Canadian National), requiring significant coordination. Additional work included the reconstruction of 3,660 ft. of Olive Street and 2,750 ft. of Sample Street to improve drainage, install lighting, and improve pedestrian movement. A roundabout was also constructed at the intersection of Olive Street and Sample Street.

Significant effort was required to coordinate utility relocations for MetroNet, AEP, NIPSCO and Comcast. Additionally, Lawson-Fisher Associates coordinated water utility work with the City of South Bend during the street reconstruction and roundabout construction process. Beyond the coordination challenges on the project, we also worked with the County to determine a better temporary barrier rail system on the bridge that will result in less long-term maintenance concerns on the bridge deck. One of the most critical items of this project has been maintenance of traffic and impacts on local residents, businesses, and industry. Lawson-Fisher Associates was proactively addressing these concerns through direct contact with the impacted parties.

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