Ironwood Drive-corby Drive- Rockne Drive Intersection Improvement

City of South BendCity of South Bend Indiana

Cost: $3,530,000

More About This Project

Category: Transportation

South Bend desired to make improvements to this intersection that was the site of chronic congestion and delays. LFA was previously engaged in preparing a traffic engineering study for the same intersection a few years earlier. Two options – signalized intersection or roundabout – were developed as proposed improvements to this five-leg signalized intersection. 

An engineering assessment was performed to establish the preferred alternative for either the roundabout or signalized intersection. A signalized intersection was later identified as the preferred alternative in consideration of limiting relocations and providing a more context-sensitive improvement through this residential area. Beyond the signal modernization, this project also included a road diet application for all approaches with geometric changes and improvements. Drainage was addressed with separation of the existing combined sewer for storm sewer network that discharges to a visually screened retention basin off alignment that was constructed with the project. Other improvements included ornamental lighting, mast arm signalized intersection, numerous ADA ramps, sidewalk and driveway reconstruction, among other amenities for a single-family home neighborhood context.


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