Griffith – Cured In Place Pipe (Cipp) Lining Project

The Town of Griffith

Cost: $4,400,000

More About This Project

Category: Water Resources

Lawson-Fisher Associates was chosen for a project which included working on the portion of the Town of Griffith’s sanitary sewer interceptor that required rehabilitation on the north side of the Town and running along the east side of the CN Railroad from 45th Avenue north to River Road, eventually terminating at the Cline Avenue Pump Station. The interceptor ranges in size from 36-inch to 42-inch in diameter and the approximate length of sewer to be rehabilitated with CIPP lining is 13,000 lineal feet consisting of 43 individual sewer segments.

44 manholes were rehabilitated as a part of this project. The method of rehabilitation consisted of spray applied coatings. Lawson-Fisher Associates reviewed the digital scans performed by R&R Visual in 2015 as well as performing confined space entries into selected manholes during the design phase to determine if a structural or non-structural solution would be recommended. This determination was based on the extent of concrete deterioration and infiltration through joints.


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