East Race Waterway, Walkway And South Bend Dam

City of South Bend Indiana

Cost: $4,500,000

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Category: Structural Engineering, Survey (GIS), Water Resources

Lawson-Fisher Associates has worked with the City on several projects including and adjacent to the South Bend Dam since the 1970’s. One notable project is the development, design and permitting of the East Race Waterway project, a water-oriented park, race for competitive kayaking (Olympic class), canoeing, rafting and inner-tubing, and fish ladder for salmon (from Lake Michigan). LFA also participated in several phases of the East Race Walkway which included pathway lighting, watering stations, scenic overlooks of the river, handicap accessible ramps, timber structures and gates to prevent access by motorized traffic. Other services provided include assistance with required FERC inspections and monitoring, and dam repairs.


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