County Road 17 (Michiana Parkway) Extension From C.R. 4 In – Elkhart County, Indiana To U.S. 12 In Cass County, Michigan

Elkhart County Indiana

Cost: $3,800,000

More About This Project

Category: Transportation

Lawson-Fisher Associates worked on this project which involved extending Elkhart C.R. 17 north across the Indiana/Michigan State Line and connecting into U.S. 12 in Michigan. The project required extensive coordination throughout the entire study, design, and construction phases as a direct result of it spanning two different counties, in two different states, with multiple funding sources.

Lawson-Fisher Associates was solely responsible for the design of this new road project that is compliant with applicable design criteria as prescribed within AASHTO standards. Since the project involved construction of a new alignment, traffic maintenance on the existing roadways during construction were minimal. The new alignment resulted in construction of three dead end cul-de-sacs. With several residences located between the cul-de-sacs, existing access was maintained until the new access and roadways were constructed. State Line Road and Wayne Street in Cass County were constructed as new at-grade intersections with the new roadway. Construction documents allowed for only one of these intersections to be closed at a time during construction to facilitate traffic and access.


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