Douglas Road – Right-of-way Services, Boundary Retracement and Sub-Division Plat – City of Mishawaka

Client: City of Mishawaka 

Services: Topographic Survey, Right-of-Way Services

Project Description: 

A boundary retracement survey was conducted and a subdivision plat created to serve as the basis for annexations, re-zonings, dedication of public right-of-way, private to public property conveyances, and expansion of the City of Mishawaka’s infrastructure. The property consisted of four parcels covering 360 acres. The boundary retracement scenario was challenging due to the adjoining properties and limits of ownership consisting of platted subdivisions, metes and bounds parcels, limited access right-of-way of the Indiana Toll Road, INDOT right-of-way, public right-of-way based upon existing road centerline and commissioners’ records, a legal drain and public land lines. Several legal descriptions and conveyance documents to support annexation and re-zoning petitions, dedication of public right-of-way, transfer of property ownership, and temporary grants for right-of-entry were prepared in support of the City’s plan to expand municipal services to the area, as well as to provide enhanced amenities for area residents.