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There’s no compromise in quality. Our professionals provide thorough site inspections and make sure the entire project is in full compliance.

Effective construction administration is all about getting the job done right. It begins with detailed knowledge of state and municipal regulations and concludes with absolute compliance with plans and specifications – and, of course, the satisfaction of the project partners and end-users.

Along the way, our focus is on cost control and quality control. We have the experience and expertise to help clients achieve maximum value for their investment. We evaluate bids, monitor schedules and develop detailed cost control systems. Our managers make sure the entire team is reading from the same play book. We also manage communications so the only surprises are pleasant ones.

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Structural Engineering

LFA takes combined experience and knowledge and applies new technology to each project.

LFA has extensive management expertise in the delivery of bridge projects to various state Department of Transportation and regional transportation authorities. Our integrated solutions for the transportation sector include project development, financing, program management, design, construction and operations and maintenance.

LFA also provides strategic planning, environmental permitting, right-of-way acquisition, quality inspection and testing and community outreach. LFA goes well beyond new bridge construction to include extensive reconstruction and rehabilitation projects. LFA has the capability, experience and ability to execute bridge repair, rehabilitation and replacement programs on schedule and within budget.


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Survey (GIS)

Quality Work In Everything We Do.
We follow the industry’s best practices and standards of today.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provides a powerful tool for viewing, understanding and interpreting data that can have a profound impact on structures, watersheds and virtually every aspect of engineered construction. At LFA, we have been providing our clients with GIS services for more than a decade. As an ESRI Business Partner, we utilize ESRI ArcGIS and other software to assemble, store, manipulate and display geographically referenced information.

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Major highways to small local streets, every roadway design project is built on innovative and effective designs.

LFA’s reputation was built on the innovative and effective transportation design and engineering solutions we have implemented for clients throughout the region.

We provide high quality, professional services to state, county, city and local governments as well as private owners. These clients recognize that the strongest benefits of working with us are the creativity and collaborative spirit we bring to every transportation project.

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Working with clients, communities & colleagues to develop & implement innovative solutions to the most complex challenges.

Water is not only one of our most fundamental and valuable resources, but also the key to improving much quality of life issues for our communities. Management of this valuable resource can include ensuring ample supply of pure drinking water, management of storm-water and flooding, addressing water quality through the elimination of sanitary sewer overflows, hydroelectric power generation, and recreational opportunities provided by riverfront development. At LFA we have been blessed to serve numerous communities in achieving their goal of impacting the quality of life through our wide range of expertise and experiences.

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Our experience reflects a wide range of essential services. View our portfolio to see examples of our work.