LFA Helps Grad Student Finish Degree, Then Hires Him Full Time

Lanari Strides Toward Career Success with LFA


LFA’s Water Resources Team Works to Finalize Lanari’s Degree Program

LFA’s internship program is in full swing this spring with Jonathan Lanari, EI,  scheduled to graduate from Notre Dame in May. Lanari joined the LFA Water Resources team this semester to finalize his Master’s in Engineering program with an LFA internship and the guarantee of full-time hire here upon completion. His final steps included presenting about his internship experiences to his faculty and LFA leadership.

He said he’s excited to begin this new chapter with LFA, which he chose because of it’s reputation and moderate size.

Jonathan Lanari, EI

 “I didn’t want to work for too large of a company,” he said, “And I heard great things about the firm. My initial impression was that it is a good place to work. I heard that LFA was reliable and provides feasible, practical solutions. I like that because I’m a really practical person.” He said both Notre Dame faculty and a local consulting firm directed him LFA’s way.

While earning his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, Lanari took a year off to work for the environmental department of a paper mill, which taught him about filtration and waste water. “So then I started looking for shorter programs that could help me redirect my career into water resources,” he said. He had always wanted to go to Notre Dame when he was a kid, so its one-year Master’s program was a great fit.

Since working at LFA, he said he has learned a lot about the importance of client communication. “That takes precedence over everything else, especially when you need a tailor-made solution for a client.” He said staff at LFA have been extremely friendly and helpful and he is looking forward to starting his career here. 

With a wedding coming up in in October, Lanari and his fiancée, Erika,  who is working on a Master’s in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte, enjoy going to movies together. He said he also loves fishing and bowling in his spare time.

Congratulations Jonathan!


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