LFA Bowling Team Takes 2nd

Company Camaraderie Results in Bowling Trophy

LFA played in the Merchant’s Bowling League as the “United States ‘Spare’ Force” this winter against 14 other local company teams and ended up in second place.

The LFA team was comprised of four permanent members and a host of substitutes over the 16-week, Monday-night tournament at Chippewa Bowl in South Bend. LFA has participated in this league many years in the past, sometimes with as many as four teams.

“It’s fun to do something with my coworkers bedsides just hanging out at work all day. It’s really good for team building,” said team member David Teggelaar, PE. “We see a lot of people from the industry there, too, and it’s great for networking.”

Teggelaar said the group started out a little rough but went on a hot streak at the very end of the season to secure second place, the highest placing year in LFA bowling history.

He said this league starts just as the weather is getting cold and ends just before things warm up, which makes it a fun winter activity.

“It gave us all something to look forward to on a Monday,” he said.