Credentialed LFA Engineer Climbs Even Higher

Structural Engineer Earns PTOE


Dr. Easa Khan, PMP, PTOE, stands in his office with his new certificate

We would like to congratulate one of our structural engineers, Dr. Easa Khan, PE, PMP, for receiving his Professional Traffic Operations Engineer certificate. Easa explained he was motivated by a desire to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the projects he is engaged on, not just the structural facets.

“All these parts come together and you have to know all the parts,” he said. In a bridge replacement project, for example, not only is structural design a key component but maintenance of traffic for public safety is, too. Easa said he considers his current experience at LFA, along with the learning from the PTOE, enables him to be well-aware of transportation projects during scoping and to be a better project manager.

Easa, who has worked as an engineer in many other states as well, said he is looking forward to understanding the whole project every time he works on a structure.

He has many years of experience in bridge engineering that includes finite element analysis, geometric and seismic design, field testing, assessments, and structural health monitoring. He has also been part of improving AASHTO guide specifications for seismic analysis on curved bridges.

Congratulations Dr. Khan!




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