Cape to Soar in Construction Inspection Department

Meet Jaron Cape, LFA’s newest Construction Inspection EI

Construction Inspection continues to grow, thanks to recent college graduate Jaron Cape, EI. Cape graduated spring 2024 from Trine University in Angola, Ind., with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam during the spring semester, setting him up as an EI (Engineering Intern) right from the start.

Cape joined LFA’s Construction Inspection department and is already out in the field, supervising contractors at Mishawaka’s largest project this year. He helps inspect work, track quantities of materials and maintenance of traffic among other tasks.

“Problem solving. Jumping over hurdles. Basically, I am the eyes and ears for the office and the city, assisting them in any way I can. My day is spent reading the plan sheets and working alongside the contractors to make sure the project follows the timeline and plans that has been set for them,” Cape said, noting that he felt Trine set him up well, with enough experience to hit the ground running.

Cape said he realized through college that he preferred inspection work to design and knew that he’d rather be outside working and talking to people as opposed to being behind a desk. As he began his interview process, he realized LFA could provide him with satisfying work that met all his criteria.

“I wanted to be outside and I enjoy networking and meeting new people from the construction team. I’m getting to meet people face-to-face instead of through a computer,” he said.

Cape said he also finds watching the build process fascinating. “I enjoy talking about the construction aspects of a job and then getting to watch things get built from the ground up.”

Cape, who is from Edgerton, Ohio, chose the South Bend market partly because his brother, Braydon, who is a transportation engineer one year older, works for another local firm and is now his roommate. Also, Cape’s dad is a mechanical engineer who has done most of his work in the civil field as a designer and has had a large influence on Cape’s career. He said growing up he always enjoyed watching projects get built from start to finish and he excelled in science and math, which made engineering the obvious choice for a major and Trine University was a nearby quality school.

While farther from home, LFA not only gave him a good offer, he said, he also liked what he had learned about the South Bend area through visiting his brother. LFA’s job opening sounded like more interesting work than other options, he said.

In his spare time, Cape said he enjoys cooking and eating in some of Mishawaka’s great area restaurants. He also likes golfing, watching sports, hanging out with friends and living near a city that loves football.

Happy to have you join us, Jaron!