Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to  highlight our Summer 2019 Interns for their significant contributions this season! They have spent time in the office working with project documents and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software as well as out in the field helping with construction inspection and water quality monitoring. Thanks everyone!


Ashley Bellis | Summer Intern 2019


“When trying to find a summer internship I received an email from my school with a list of several companies that were looking for students studying civil engineering. LFA stood out to me because of its location, and during my interview I knew I would enjoy the work environment with everyone being friendly and eager to help me learn.


My favorite project I have worked on was the LaSalle Street Pavement Project. By having site visits, I was able to visualize details that need attention during a project. This project has also helped me understand the process and time constraints of a project by giving me more responsibility.


This internship has allowed me to build on what I have learned at school. I have learned more about Surveying, CAD, and how field work is different from a textbook. For my future, I plan on graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and taking my P.E. test. I am thankful for the opportunity to work at LFA, and I appreciate the time and effort spent to help me grow as a civil engineer”.



Jordan Giacomin | Summer Intern 2019


“I will be a senior civil engineering student at Valparaiso University. I decided that I wanted to intern with Lawson-Fisher Associates, or LFA, this summer because I had previously interned two summers with INDOT and I wanted to broaden my experience. One of my professors, Professor Grossman, worked with Elkhart County for many years and spoke highly of LFA, so I decided to apply. Working with LFA I got my fair share of both office work and field experience.


After surveying for a couple of days, I was sent to field inspect for the Logan Street Reconstruction Project. On this project there were many new things I had not seen at INDOT. I saw storm sewer and sanitary sewer installation, excavation of soils that were not suitable for roadwork, the process of grading a road and prepping it to be paved, and concrete curb installation. From this I have learned many things, including that PVC pipe needs to have stone placed under and above it because the PVC pipe has little strength on its own and will deform under heavy weight. This project was also unique because there were two contractors. C&E was contracted to install the sanitary sewer system and Walsh & Kelly was contracted to install the storm sewer system and for the reconstruction of the road.


In addition to this, I saw how a project changes and evolves from what was originally planned. What was drawn up in the plans was not always realistic to implement in real life, and I got to see the decision process that went into making judgment calls. This happened numerous times on this project when utilities were found that were not marked on the plans.


I was able to attend the bi-weekly progress meetings too, which kept me up-to-date on what was happening on other projects and allowed me to see the project management side of the job. Overall, LFA has helped to broaden my understanding of the civil engineering field and given me valuable experience”.


Mario Soto-Luna | Summer Intern 2019


“During my junior year at Trine University, I decided to apply to LFA because it was highly recommended from my past internship at the Elkhart County Highway Department, and I believe I made a great choice. My experience at LFA has been amazing, I would have never thought I would have learned as much as I did. I found myself learning something new every day and having the opportunity to work on different projects and getting more experience out in the field. The interview process was great, I felt comfortable and it seemed like the place for me. One memorable experience was the Cubs outing, interacting with everyone from work was a lot of fun. The food was also great!


I learned a lot from my time at LFA and had great experiences in the office and out in the field … I am currently interested in Structural Engineering and I believe that by working with LFA’s Structural Department I am even more interested. I applied some math I had learned in my Structural Design class into a project I was working on. It was interesting to see it being applied in the real world.


I am excited to go back to school and apply what I have learned at LFA in my senior year classes. I really enjoyed how everyone at LFA was able to sit with me and explain to me why I was doing a certain part to a project then they proceeded to explain what I had to do to collaborate on that certain project. I enjoy learning from other engineers, and I hope to teach others just as I have learned”.

Mila Medich | Summer Intern 2019


“This year, I will be a junior chemistry major at Saint Mary’s College and a sophomore environmental engineering major at The University of Notre Dame. I decided to intern with LFA because it is a great engineering firm with a wide range of versatility, which is really appealing because that allots for many opportunities to learn a variety of facets within civil engineering.


I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to work alongside such intelligent and friendly people this summer. There was always someone willing to answer any questions I had. One of my favorite projects from this summer was going up to Hart, MI to receive water quality testing data. It was such a neat opportunity to see the diversity of projects that LFA takes on.

I also had the opportunity to witness Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) sewer repairs in Mishawaka, Indiana. Before this summer, I had no background with CIPP or construction inspection. I really enjoyed learning the whole process that goes into installing CIPP and the construction inspection protocol that goes along with it.


I think engineering isn’t necessarily about applying a singular subject from school, but instead is about combining all the details that you’ve learned from school and applying them to solve a greater problem. I think that concept is absolutely applied throughout this internship experience. There have been many instances where I didn’t know what was going on, especially in construction inspection, because I have never participated in anything like it before and I had to take the habits and knowledge I learned at school and apply them to the task at hand”.


Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to  highlight LFA summer intern, Mario Soto-Luna for his participation in the Traffic Bowl Competition during the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)’s 2019 Annual International Meeting held in Austin, Texas. He and his Trine University team members, representatives of the Great Lakes District, competed against two other teams: The University of Texas (eventual winner) and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in a “Jeopardy”- style competition to test their knowledge of ITE, transportation planning, and engineering topics.


“The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), an international individual member educational and scientific association, is one of the largest and fastest-growing multimodal professional transportation organizations in the world. ITE members are traffic engineers, transportation planners and other professionals who are responsible for meeting society's needs for safe and efficient surface transportation through planning, designing, implementing, operating and maintaining surface transportation systems worldwide”.


To learn more about ITE Indiana, visit their webpage:


Photo Credit: ITE Indiana Section

A post-attendance interview with Mario Soto-Luna


“Traveling to Austin, Texas was an amazing experience and being able to represent Trine University was great. It was my first time going to an ITE annual meeting and I definitely was able to learn a lot about other states' transportation departments.


The Awards Lunch and LeadershipITE Graduation was nice to watch. I enjoyed listening to very successful Transportation Engineers speak on about their success and how thankful they are.


The Traffic Bowl Competition was so much fun! Although we were not able to win, it was still a great experience. The competition was tough, everyone that participated did great.


If you have not gone to an ITE Annual Meeting, I would highly recommend attending”.



Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to congratulate our Student Associate, Charity Vaughn, for working towards completing her first professional employment opportunity! Ms. Vaughn is with the Indiana Jobs for America’s Graduates (J.A.G) Program and has been working with our Survey group this summer.


J.A.G is a “…national non-profit organization dedicated to helping high school students of promise … achieve success through graduation. J.A.G is a resiliency-building workforce preparation program that helps students learn in-demand employability skills and provides a bridge to post-secondary education and career advancement opportunities”.



We interviewed Charity to learn more about her and her aspirations.




















What is your academic background?


“This year I will be an incoming Senior at the Career Academy of South Bend”.


What brought you to LFA?


“My J.A.G teacher actually brought me to LFA. Throughout the year I was asking him if he could help me find a job that was connected to my career path. He told me about the intern opening [ at LFA ] during class and after that I was determined to get involved”.


What are you most looking forward to learning at LFA?


“I am most looking forward to learning about construction inspection. I have family working in that field and I don’t live anywhere near them to get an understanding of what they do on a day to day basis”.


What are your professional goals?


“One top professional goal for me would definitely be to have new experiences. Learning something different every day … and then being able to keep that knowledge or training and use it outside of an internship … it could come in handy at another job or in classes I may take”.


What do you enjoy doing your free time?


“I do a lot of working with my dad in Michigan, sometimes in Indiana, but mostly in Michigan. We go down almost every week and we work on houses. Right now, we are actually fixing up my aunt’s house. Other than that, I enjoy writing music and drawing. Art is how I express myself so whether I am drawing a picture or writing a song, I allow myself to be open and free”.


Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., was in attendance Monday at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Ironworks Plaza development project at Beutter Park. Mishawaka officials, including Mayor Dave Wood, and LFA’s own Senior Civil Engineer, Dennis Zebell, P.E., broke first ground at the proposed community and event space located along the Mishawaka Riverwalk.


Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C. acted as the lead designer for this project, working alongside multiple design consultants: Arkos Design, Helman Sechrist Architecture, Context Design, and Stantec. The project, expected to be completed in 2023, would offer unique additional event spaces along the Riverwalk, enhancing the vibrancy of the City of Mishawaka’s growing downtown area.


For more details related to the groundbreaking ceremony at the Ironworks Plaza project, visit:


Photo Credit: WNDU - Channel 16

News Release Statement from the City

Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to welcome our newest member, Mikola Medich! Mr. Medich will be working primarily with the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) group as a CAD Technician.


We interviewed Mikola to find out a little more about him.
















What is your academic background?


"B.S. in Design Engineering Technology from Trine University"


What brought you to LFA?


"I learned about LFA through some family members and through living in South Bend. I heard lots of great things about the company and the work-life balance is something that I really like about LFA."


What are you most looking forward to learning at LFA?


"I look forward to expanding my CAD experience and learning about the engineering process. I am also excited to learn any new skills that I can use in my career."


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


"I enjoy reading and watching TV shows and movies. Spending time outdoors is something else I like doing. This includes hiking, camping, and just spending time outside as much as I can. I have a large family and family gatherings and spending time with them are always something I look forward to. "




Welcome to the Lawson-Fisher Associates family, Mikola!


Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to highlight the individuals in our Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Group. These individuals are involved in almost all of Lawson-Fisher Associates' projects and facilitate the transition of an idea into a final product.

Bryan | Senior CAD System Manager


Bryan has been with LFA for almost 23 years. He greatly  enjoys bass fishing and getting out on the water any chance he can. His favorite quote is “How can you put a price on a good time?”


A few memorable projects Bryan has worked on are the County Road 17 Extension, the U.S. 20 Added Travel Lanes in Elkhart County, and Mishawaka's Douglas Road project.




Jeannie | GIS Manager, Senior GIS Specialist, Senior Engineering



Jeannie has been with LFA for 21 years. She enjoys cooking and baking with her grandchildren. Her favorite quote is “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” - Vince Lombardi


Jeannie got her GIS start at LFA and has continued to develop and maintain various GIS systems for clients such as The City of Mishawaka, The City of South Bend, and The City of Sturgis.



Jeff Johnson | Senior Civil Engineering Technician


Jeff has been with LFA for 20 years. Through the years, he has worked on in-office CAD and GIS projects as well as in the field with LFA’s field crews.





Ginger Hoover | Engineering Technician


Ginger has been with LFA for 8 years. She enjoys cooking and baking, reading, and gardening. Most of all, she enjoys being involved with her children’s activities.


During her time with LFA, Ginger has been able to work on a multitude of  drawing/design CAD and GIS projects. A memorable project for her was the Mill Race  Improvement project in Goshen, Indiana. She had the opportunity to attend the site visit and take field readings; all of which she remarks as being a great benefit later while she compiled the project drawings.




Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., had the opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County, Indiana at their newest Fields of Highland build: the Gubi Family home. Our team helped to install the garage soffit and siding and construct porch columns on the home.


"Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County builds homes with volunteers in partnership with those in need of adequate housing.


Since 1986, Habitat for Humanity has built more than 150 homes for low-income, hard-working families here in St. Joseph County"


-Habitat for Humanity

  St. Joseph County, Indiana

Photo Credit: Habitat for Humanity St. Joseph County, Indiana

Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to congratulate Jared M. Huss, P.E. for graduating from the 15th American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Leadership Program.


Mr. Huss was chosen to join the National President of ACEC in speaking, on behalf of the group, at the annual ACEC Recognition Lunch in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jared Huss, P.E. explaining the value of ACEC Indiana's Leadership Program at the Annual ACEC Recognition Lunch.

Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to welcome our newest member, John Spalding, E.I.! Mr. Spalding got his start with LFA in 2018 as a summer intern and will be working primarily with our transportation group. He will assist the PEs and Project Managers in the development and production of engineering projects. John will also have the opportunity to work with various industry software applications.


We interviewed John to find out a little more about him.















What is your academic background?


"I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Purdue University."


What brought you to LFA?


"I was interested in an internship in my hometown of South Bend, so I researched local companies and asked around about internship opportunities. I also had a friend who had interned at LFA in the past and he could not recommend the experience enough! After my internship ended, I applied as a full-time employee and here we are."


What are you most looking forward to learning at LFA?


"I am looking forward to putting into practice all of the problem-solving skills I have been developing over the past four years, and to see my own project come to life before my eyes."


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


"I enjoy spending time with friends and family, practicing guitar, and being outside in the sun as much as I can."




We are excited to have you on the team, John!


Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C. is proud to be part of the team that lead to such an impactful and successful project. We look forward to continuing this productive and important relationship with the City of South Bend!


Please follow the link below to find out more about this great project and check out our website to see what other significant projects LFA is engaged with that are helping our surrounding communities.

Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to congratulate our own Joe Dunbar for becoming a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana! He joins our other recent Professional Engineers: Amanda Budreau, P.E. and Dmitri Adams, P.E. These individuals have been, and continue to be, a great asset to our team.


LEARN more

Lawson-Fisher is Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) prequalified in the following categories:

3.1 Non-Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis

3.2 Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis

4.1 Traffic Safety Analysis

5.1 Environmental Document Preparation – EA/EIS

5.2 Environmental Document Preparation – CE

5.3 Environmental Document Preparation – Section 4(f)

6.1 Topographic Survey Data Collection

8.1 Non-Complex Roadway Design



8.2 Complex Roadway Design

8.3 Roundabout Design

9.1 Level 1 Bridge Design

9.2 Level 2 Bridge Design

10.1 Traffic Signal Design

10.3 Complex Roadway Sign Design

10.4 Lighting Design

11.1 Right-of-Way Plan Development



12.2 Title Research

13.1 Construction Services

14.1 Regular Bridge Inspection

16.1 Utility Coordination

17.2 Small Structure and Pipe Design

17.3 Storm Sewer and Detention Design

17.4 Bridge Hydraulic Design





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