Lawson Fisher Associates P.C., would like to welcome its newest member, John Spalding, E.I.! Mr. Spalding got his start with LFA in 2018 as a summer intern and will be working primarily with our transportation group. He will assist the PEs and Project Managers in the development and production of engineering projects. John will also have the opportunity to work with various industry software applications. We interviewed John to find out a little more about him. What is your academic background? "I have a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Purdue University." What brought you to LFA? "I was interested in an internship in my hometown of South Bend, so I researched local companies and asked around about internship opportunities. I also had a friend who had interned at LFA in the past and he could not recommend the experience enough! After my internship ended, I applied as a full-time employee and here we are." What are you most looking forward to learning at LFA? "I am looking forward to putting into practice all of the problem-solving skills I have been developing over the past four years, and to see my own project come to life before my eyes." What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? "I enjoy spending time with friends and family, practicing guitar, and being outside in the sun as much as I can." We are excited to have you on the team, John!
Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C. is proud to be part of the team that lead to such an impactful and successful project. We look forward to continuing this productive and important relationship with the City of South Bend! Please follow the link below to find out more about this great project and check out our website to see what other significant projects LFA is engaged with that are helping our surrounding communities.…/44956
Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., would like to congratulate our own Joe Dunbar for becoming a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana! He joins our other recent Professional Engineers: Amanda Budreau, P.E. and Dmitri Adams, P.E. These individuals have been, and continue to be, a great asset to our team.

3.1 Non-Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis

3.2 Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis

4.1 Traffic Safety Analysis

5.1 Environmental Document Preparation – EA/EIS

5.2 Environmental Document Preparation – CE

5.3 Environmental Document Preparation – Section 4(f)

6.1 Topographic Survey Data Collection

8.1 Non-Complex Roadway Design



8.2 Complex Roadway Design

8.3 Roundabout Design

9.1 Level 1 Bridge Design

9.2 Level 2 Bridge Design

10.1 Traffic Signal Design

10.3 Complex Roadway Sign Design

10.4 Lighting Design

11.1 Right-of-Way Plan Development



12.2 Title Research

13.1 Construction Services

14.1 Regular Bridge Inspection

16.1 Utility Coordination

17.2 Small Structure and Pipe Design

17.3 Storm Sewer and Detention Design

17.4 Bridge Hydraulic Design





Lawson-Fisher is Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) prequalified in the following categories:


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Lawson Fisher Associates P.C., is pleased to welcome two Engineer Interns to our team. Collin Northcutt and John (JJ) LaBounty have each successfully completed their engineering degrees and have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Collin and JJ will assist the PEs and Project Managers in the development and production of engineering projects. Collin will assist the transportation group and JJ will work with the water resources group. They have been familiarizing themselves with prevailing design requirements, preparing and reviewing design calculations, quantities and cost estimates, and improving their proficiency with various industry software applications. We interviewed Collin and JJ to find out a little more about them. What is your education? Collin- “B.S in Civil Engineering from Trine University” JJ- “B.S. in Civil Engineering from Trine University” What brought you to LFA? Collin- “I first learned about LFA from the career fair at Trine University. After looking into other companies, the smaller office atmosphere is what I was attracted to.” JJ- “I learned about LFA through a career fair at school. I was interested in water resources and came in for two interviews. I felt both went well. In fact, it was probably the only interview I have ever had where I didn’t feel nervous or anxious; something about the whole thing just felt right. LFA is a strong company with a strong foundation and I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to join a company that would push me to be a better engineer and challenge me to further my learning and understanding. So far that’s exactly what I’ve gotten and I’m loving it.” What are you most looking forward to learning at LFA? Collin- “I am looking forward to learning about traffic and geometric design. Eventually down the road, I would like to obtain my professional engineering license. Honestly, I am along for the ride to learn as much as I can to find what I am most passionate about." JJ- “ When I first started in Civil Engineering, I was adamant about pursuing structural engineering. My last year in school a switch flipped and all I wanted was to learn about water. The water classes were the ones that I struggled in but always found fascinating and interesting. I’m most looking forward to expanding my knowledge of water resources, the ins-and-outs of such projects, and an overall better understanding of what it means to be a water resources engineer. Regarding my future, I am very passionate about Low Impact Development and Sustainable Design; green infrastructure has always caught my eye and been something I want to learn more about. As I further my engineering career I hope have a larger environmental impact by pushing more sustainable design concepts. I also have goals of becoming a P.E. (Professional Engineer) and getting more involved in project management.” What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Collin- “I enjoy being outside the most, whether it be camping, hiking, fishing, etc. I enjoy playing most sports, but soccer and golf would be my favorites. I recently traveled to Comuna Guangaje, a small Ecuadorian village south of Quito, in September 2018 with Engineers Without Boarders. The trip purpose was to obtain more information to complete the design project of improving their water distribution system.” JJ- “Growing up I always played baseball. After my third year in college I was forced to give it up due to health reasons, but those same health issues pushed me right into the gym. I started working out more seriously and paying attention to my health and fitness. So I would consider working out something fun I like to do. I love being outside, whether that’s hiking, going to a game, going to a lake; doesn’t matter. I am a part of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity so now that I am graduated, I am working on being more involved in their alumni programs and services; community service is a big interest for me.” We're excited to welcome you both to the Lawson-Fisher family!

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