LFA Building PhotoLawson-Fisher Associates P.C. (LFA) consulting engineering firm was formed on May 21, 1971 and is celebrating its 45th year of providing engineering services to public and private clients in a variety of professional engineering areas. LFA offers a broad range of consulting engineering services in the areas of water resources, GIS, wastewater, water distribution, dam engineering, transportation, stormwater and structures.

From the time that the firm opened its doors in 1971, LFA has been locally owned and operated. Over that period, we have worked for a large array of clients throughout Indiana and Michigan. Our public client base consists mainly of state and local municipalities of all sizes. Although our clients all have different requirements and needs, due to LFA’s diversified personnel and experience, we are able to help them accomplish their goals.

Lawson-Fisher Associates’ approach to providing engineering services is to offer a broad range of civil engineering expertise for projects principally in the areas of transportation, sewer systems, water distribution systems, water resources, structures, bridges, and geographic information systems. In the interest of providing the best possible services for the client’s needs on complex, larger projects LFA has typically collaborated with fellow professionals whose particular expertise in certain areas complements that of Lawson-Fisher Associates.

An important element in our approach is that the individual professionals involved in helping to define the client’s needs or scope of the project are also intimately involved in the actual engineering work on the project. These same individuals personally provide contact with the client throughout the execution of the work to assure that the results of their efforts will not only be technically correct, but will also be particularly appropriate for the client’s present and long term needs.