Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is utilized by Lawson-Fisher Associates on a daily basis as part of our civil engineering operation. While the majority of our GIS operation involves analyzing/manipulating spatial and geographical data, there are instances when it is desirable to quickly view and query available GIS data. IndianaMAP is one such available tool that allows a user online access to a publicly available collection of GIS layers.

The IndianaMAP Layer Gallery ( allows users to select up to 260 layers of GIS data. The available data includes layers related to Demographics (census, population, etc.), Environment (soils, storage tanks, ecology, etc.), Geology (petroleum wells, earthquake epicenters, etc.), Government (civil township boundaries, voting districts, etc.), Hydrology (floodplains, wetlands, watersheds, etc.), Imagery (aerial photography, topography, etc.), Infrastructure (dams, railroads, schools, etc.), and Reference Layers (USGS contours, zip codes, etc.).

IndianaMAP layers

Once the desired layers are selected, the IndianaMAP Viewer ( is utilized to view and query the desired attributes within the selected layer

IndianaMAP viewer

IndianaMAP is a user-friendly tool that can be utilized for a variety of planning and assessment purposes.

For additional information related to IndianaMAP, visit the website at