BSA LogoLawson-Fisher Associates (LFA) is a company that inspires each employee to make a positive contribution within the community. The goal is not only to impact the community through the civil engineering work performed by the firm, but also by supporting and encouraging each of us to become active volunteers.

Those who know me, know I am very passionate about the game of soccer, maybe even to a fault. When I moved to Bremen twelve years ago, I approached the Bremen Soccer Association (BSA) and offered to help coach.  You should have seen the shock on their faces! I was willing to help even though I did not have a child in the league.  My involvement in BSA quickly grew beyond volunteering as a coach. Before I knew it, I became an active board member holding various positions: treasurer, website designer, co-tournament director and vice president.  My success in holding these roles can be contributed to the engineering and managerial skills that I have developed while at LFA.

What is amazing to me is that some of the kids that I coached in my first couple of years with the league are now young adults. Some went on to college to play soccer and some are now giving back and volunteering themselves, even without a kid in the league.

I would like to personally thank LFA for their continued support and encouragement of my obsession, um, I mean, service. LFA has not only given me the opportunity, but has inspired me to become a more active participant in my community.  I also encourage others to be active and volunteer – it’s what makes the difference in your community.

Written by Jeffrey M. Byrd, PE
Senior Civil Engineer with Lawson-Fisher Associates