LFA Engineering Design – Ireland Road/Locust Road Intersection

Did you know LFA designed the signalization and grade improvements at the Ireland Road/Locust Road intersection?

Sight distance deficiencies in addition to the location of two single family homes immediately north of the intersection required attention. Meeting the homeowners needs, focus was placed on the relocation and reconfiguration of the existing drives to allow garage usage.

Concrete modular block retaining walls were built to overcome the proposed elevation difference fulfilling the project’s needs.

This project also included coordination with two ARRA INDOT bridge replacements immediately north and east of its limits.

LFA was solely responsible for roadway design, drainage design, pavement markings and signing, lighting, signalization, right-of-way engineering, maintenance of traffic, and construction inspection.

South Bend River Lights Featured in CODAmagazine

The South Bend River Lights display, a project to which Lawson-Fisher Associates contributed various services to, was featured in the recent ‘Light as Art III’ issue of CODAmagazine, a monthly digital design + art publication which showcases the best projects from all over the world.

The River Lights were a birthday gift to the City of South Bend and the highlight of the City’s 150th anniversary of its incorporation. The display focuses awareness on the river as well as emphasizes the connection of the river as a part of South Bend’s history. The display was designed by internationally renowned Artist Rob Shakespeare.

The display includes three locations along the river right in the heart of downtown South Bend. Two of the sculptures sit on opposite sides of the river to illuminate the cascading falls of the St. Joseph River, while a third sculpture spotlights the “Keeper of the Fire” statue. The union of these three displays, located both in Seitz Park and on the Century Center Island, symbolically unite the two sides of the river.

LFA was excited to have played a significant role in this unique project. The River Lights will illuminate South Bend’s beautiful downtown river area and will be enjoyed by all for many years to come. Check out these links for the featured article in CODAmagazine or for additional information on the River Lights project.

South Bend Smart Streets Initiative

Over the course of the past year, Lawson-Fisher Associates has been working with the City of South Bend and a team of other engineering firms in developing plans to turn the Smart Streets Initiative into a reality. This initiative, championed by the Department of Community Investment, aspires to assist in the revitalization of Downtown South Bend by making it more pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, thus increasing retail activity.

Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2016 and be substantially complete in the fall of 2016. The project area will extend from Chippewa Avenue to Angela Boulevard, and will include work on Main Street, Michigan Street and St. Joseph Street. All road construction impacts traffic, and this large project will be no different. If your plans include travel to, from, through, around or near the project area, you should allow for some additional travel time.

The City of South Bend has a website devoted to this project which includes project descriptions, videos of public meetings, conceptual plans, and roundabout information (including a link to an interesting Mythbusters video regarding roundabout efficiency). Additional information will be made available once construction begins, as well as news stories and construction traffic updates through local news outlets.


Mishawaka Streets Projects

Infrastructure improvement is clearly a top priority for the City of Mishawaka. Another high priority for the City is to conduct its construction with as little disturbance as possible to its residents. The Grove and Elizabeth Streets project is a perfect example of marrying the two.

The project is a branch off from the previous Main Street construction. A storm sewer extension reached out to the west on Grove Street. It will ultimately extend as far west as grade will allow. While expanding the storm sewer, the sanitary and water distribution systems were upgraded. The above ground work proved challenging as varying curb heights created a delicate threading of the needle to maintain drainage toward the roadway, provide adequate cover over the water main, and retain the infrastructure immediately beyond the sidewalk. Streetscaping was also included to add lighting, pedestrian walkways, and ample vegetation. Mishawaka Avenue was also addressed as a part of the design to provide continuity to completed work to the east and on-going work to the west. All of the projects are fitting together as the City progresses in its rehabilitation plan.

The Grove and Elizabeth Streets project is centered between residential units, commercial development, and a center of faith. The construction is adjacent to St. Monica’s school. The City recognized the need to perform the construction during the summer break. The design was fast-tracked over the second half of the winter and spring. Despite the intense effort, it was not possible to […]

LFA Around You – Kamm Island Bridge

In honor of the 12th Annual Kamm Island Fest taking place tonight on Kamm Island in Mishawaka, here is another ‘LFA Around You’ on the Kamm Island Bridge.

The Kamm Island Bridge serves as the only vehicular connector to Kamm Island. Although this 70’ long by 13’ wide prefabricated bridge is primarily used by pedestrians and other non-motorized traffic it was designed to accommodate the occasional emergency, full sized and various construction or specialized park equipment. It provides access from the 100 Center Complex to Kamm Island.

The steel portion of the bridge was prefabricated in Alabama by Steadfast Bridges, Inc. and shipped to the site where the Northern Indiana Construction Company assembled and installed it and placed its concrete deck and approaches. The bridge now ties into the extensive riverwalk system throughout the area.

Marion Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Pumping Station Upgrade

Working under the leadership of Cleland Engineering, Lawson-Fisher Associates is assisting Marion Utilities with the planning, design, and construction of an upgrade to the influent pumping station at their Wastewater Treatment Plant. Because of the age and reliability issues with the pumping station, Marion decided that they wanted to explore options for improvements that will make the station fully functional for a maximum flow of 21 MGD for a minimum life span of twenty years.

In the planning stage, various alternative pumping systems were evaluated including replacement of the existing pumps with various styles of pumps such as dry pit submersible and immersible in both vertical and horizontal configurations. Other considerations for these alternatives included protection of the pump during potential flooding of the space and providing sufficient room for pump maintenance. Another alternative considered was conversion of the pump dry well to a wet well and installing submersible pumps. A structural evaluation of the existing wet well was performed to determine if it could be rehabilitated or was in need of replacement. J. W. Sims, the Electrical Engineering Consultant, evaluated the existing electrical systems and components associated with the pump station as well as the secondary emergency generator.

Ultimately the project design included reuse of the existing wet well by rehabilitating it with a structural coating, new horizontal immersible pumps, new piping and valves, new flow meters, upgraded electrical systems, and new emergency generator. Other design considerations included provisions for bypass pumping during construction and […]