LFA Presents at ISPLS Annual Conference

At the most recent annual conference sponsored by the Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors, Shane Turay and Aaron Blank made a presentation to roughly 100 fellow surveyors about the merits of being a professional topographer and civil engineering surveyor.


The course objective was to encourage surveyors to think about producing surveying products that are as professionally executed as boundary surveys. The presentation focused on the techniques and tools used by those involved in the field of topographic and civil engineering surveys. The goal of the presentation was to encourage high quality, professional work, and to share lessons and experiences.

The presentation lasted 50 minutes, and with Shane’s flair for effective story-telling, the objectives of the seminar were met. Several attendees sought Shane and Aaron after the presentation to inquire about the practices employed at LFA to ensure that we consistently deliver a high quality product that not only fulfills the requested scope requirements, but also ensures that the receiver of the survey information has the highest level of confidence proceeding with the elements of their design.


It was a positive experience that Shane and Aaron both hope to repeat in the future.

The 13th Annual Kamm Island Fest took place on Wednesday, July 20th this year with Lawson-Fisher Associates as a corporate sponsor. In spite of the high temperatures, the Kamm Island Fest was a resounding success. This unique 21 and over event, hosted by the Mishawaka Business Association on Kamm Island Park along Mishawaka’s Riverwalk, attracted several thousand people yet again!


Kamm Island Fest provides the entertainment and amenities you would expect for a community and a whole lot more. There was a classic car show, bike show, art show and the bands Blammo and Sandbar Bums played for a great crowd! One tradition everyone appreciated was the return of the Caledonia Kilty Pipe Band.



LFA Sponsors Kamm Island Fest

Everybody seems to get hungry on the island, which is great because the Mishawaka Business Association partners with several local restaurants to provide food stands including Lincolnway Café, Upper Crust, Smith’s Downtown, Treehouse Shine Bar, Bonnie Doons, and more. It’s a fantastic way for visitors of Kamm Island Fest to check out what great places they can dine at the rest of the year.


The City of Mishawaka plays a major role in Kamm Island Fest as well, with the cooperation of the Parks Department, Central Services, and the Mishawaka Police Department among others. Additionally, high school football players and members of the Mayor’s Youth Council from Mishawaka, Marian, and Penn high schools do a fantastic job of helping set up and clean up for the event. Lawson-Fisher Associates is proud to continue our support!

Lawson-Fisher Associates has been a funding partner for United Way of St. Joseph County for the majority of our operation as a business. While our organization is involved with charitable giving and sponsorships for fundraising events all around our community, it is our team of professionals who give directly to United Way. We are proud of the culture of giving we’ve cultivated over 45 years which has earned our organization and our team at LFA recognition as one of the top 50 most generous workplaces in St. Joseph County.


At Lawson-Fisher Associates, we will continue to strive for excellence in our professional services, so we may continue to have the privilege of substantially contributing back to our community; contributions which go beyond financial giving as our team members pledge their time and energy through volunteer efforts, youth mentoring, and through serving on boards of directors for United Way of Saint Joseph County, Potawatomi Zoo, and others.



LFA Recognized Generous Workplace

For those unfamiliar with United Way of St. Joseph County (UWSJC) and what they do in our community, we have provided a brief overview:


UWSJC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating long-lasting change, ensuring all residents have access to the building blocks to a better life: education, income and health. UWSJC is unique in its ability to bring together people active in their communities, business leaders, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to address the underlying causes of major problems in our community.


UWSJC has recently converted their traditional paradigm of a funding pass-through organization to an implementation and execution of collective impact. This newfound concept, bringing community partner organizations together for concerted and collaborative efforts, will focus on diminishing poverty in St. Joseph County through 1. Early Learning 2. Youth Success 3. Stable Families. Because poverty is a complex problem, it will require many people working together to identify strategies and develop solutions, which otherwise are not achievable through individual efforts.


To learn more about United Way of Saint Joseph County, please visit their website at

Did you know LFA designed the signalization and grade improvements at the Ireland Road/Locust Road intersection?


Sight distance deficiencies in addition to the location of two single family homes immediately north of the intersection required attention. Meeting the homeowners needs, focus was placed on the relocation and reconfiguration of the existing drives to allow garage usage.


Concrete modular block retaining walls were built to overcome the proposed elevation difference fulfilling the project’s needs.


This project also included coordination with two ARRA INDOT bridge replacements immediately north and east of its limits.


LFA was solely responsible for roadway design, drainage design, pavement markings and signing, lighting, signalization, right-of-way engineering, maintenance of traffic, and construction inspection.



LFA Engineering Design - Ireland Road/

Locust Road Intersection



Seitz & Sounds Season 4 Opener This Thurday!

Seitz & Sounds is an outdoor, open stage event running every Thursday evening this summer at Seitz Park. Season 4 begins on June 2nd. Come out and relax along the backdrop of the East Race Waterway! This event is fun, FREE and family friendly.


What started out as a simple event to give young, emerging talent a new place to play, Seitz and Sounds Open Stage has morphed into a community experience that is drawing seasoned professionals to the stage as well.


Each week features six regional performance artists. The first four performances are twenty minute sets and end with a one hour performance from a featured performer. Musicians, poets, dancers, actors and other live performance artists are encouraged to apply for one of the open sets.

The performance genres are deliberately mixed up each week to hav something for all attendees to enjoy. To accomplish this, artists are encouraged to pre-register. The sign up information can be found on the Musician/Performer Sign Up tab on the Seitz & Sounds website:


There is bench seating for approximately 80 people at Seitz Park, but there is also plenty of open space for you to bring chairs or spread out a blanket on the green spaces.


Seitz & Sounds: Open Stage will run every Thursday in the months of June, July, and August from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm.

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