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Lawson-Fisher Associates P. C. (LFA) has been providing engineering services from its South Bend office to both public and private clients for over 45 years. LFA offers a broad range of civil engineering project services in the areas of transportation, bridges, structures, soil and water resources. LFA has been involved in the planning, design, rehabilitation and reconstruction of transportation infrastructure throughout Northern and Central Indiana and Michigan.


We have extensive design and project management experience in County, City, INDOT, and other Federal Aid projects. We have an exceptional level of experience and expertise upon which our prepared plans and recommendations are based. Our superior work offers cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet clients’ present and long term needs.


We understand the value of collaboration and realize on complex, larger projects that we will solicit the technical expertise of our project partners their particular expertise in certain areas compliments LFA in the interest of providing the best possible services for the client’s needs.

Lawson-Fisher is Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) prequalified in the following categories:

3.1 Non-Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis

3.2 Complex Traffic Capacity & Operations Analysis

4.1 Traffic Safety Analysis

5.1 Environmental Document Preparation – EA/EIS

5.2 Environmental Document Preparation – CE

5.3 Environmental Document Preparation – Section 4(f)

6.1 Topographic Survey Data Collection

8.1 Non-Complex Roadway Design



8.2 Complex Roadway Design

8.3 Roundabout Design

9.1 Level 1 Bridge Design

9.2 Level 2 Bridge Design

10.1 Traffic Signal Design

10.3 Complex Roadway Sign Design

10.4 Lighting Design

11.1 Right-of-Way Plan Development



12.2 Title Research

13.1 Construction Services

14.1 Regular Bridge Inspection

16.1 Utility Coordination

17.2 Small Structure and Pipe Design

17.3 Storm Sewer and Detention Design

17.4 Bridge Hydraulic Design


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To provide high quality professional engineering services through

client collaboration, tailoring solutions that achieve their goals while enhancing quality of life.

To be the premier consulting engineering firm enhancing valued relationships  through insight and understanding while investing
in professional development and
individual opportunities.